We specialise in providing secure smartphone solutions to businesses and governments. Our solutions are tailored to provide the comfort that your smartphone is protected against advanced hacking threats, and that your communications stay private and confidential.

Data security and encrypted communication is a high priority in today’s digital world. Increasing reliance on mobile communications has greatly increased the risk of information leaks. Be SMART with your digital data, and ensure that your smartphone is protected.

Stay secure and SAFE with our industry leading encryption and anonymising devices. NCrypt devices give you the ability to prevent and protect your information from advanced hacking threats, and delivers peace of mind that you are running the most secure smartphone on the market. NCrypt Cellular offers a simple and easy to use encrypted smartphone platform in a tailored package. Be confident that your smartphone is protected against unknown vulnerabilities, and that your digital information and communications will remain secure and private when using our device.

Our devices come completely configured with the latest encryption and anonymizing technologies while providing a user-friendly platform. We have also trimmed out all the unnecessary applications typically bundled from other manufacturers that intrude on your privacy. Our handsets are built using a heavily specialised and customised operating system to offer several additional layers of security over a standard smartphone, including full encrypted storage, application isolation, firewall and network hardening, and malicious code execution protection.

At NCrypt we use the Copperhead OS, Copperhead Security is an information security firm that specialises in protecting mobile data, devices and secure endpoint deployments. Smartphones are easy targets for hackers, but Copperhead specialises in defensive hardware security by understanding offensive methods and being capable of detecting and mitigating against attacks. CopperheadOS beats hackers by closing known, closely guarded and even undisclosed security holes.

All company voice and text communications can be loaded with competitive secrets, intellectual property, or sensitive and strategic information. In order to protect your sensitive and proprietary information, SaltDNA is used on our devices to provide NCrypt customers with the highest grade of encryption techniques to secure your mobile communications. All communications using SaltDNA are encrypted end-to-end using the latest encryption technologies, meaning that you never have to worry about your calls being intercepted or your information being compromised. Users of SaltDNA can voice call, text message, conference call or send files with the highest confidence of privacy and security.

NCrypt Cellular also offers a full Vendors-supported and encrypted mobile platform, built with an open source encryption algorithm. Open source algorithms are open to reviews and auditing from security experts around the world. This openness means that you can be confident that only secure algorithms can stand the test of time while being poured over by thousands of cryptoanalysts, who will move quickly to fix any bugs that are found.

For more information about NCrypt Cellular products and how we secure and protect your communications, contact us here.

The Highest-Grade Encryption with the Tightest Controls

Lower your business risks, secure your corporate data and protect your clients confidentiality.