What is an anonymous sim card


On-device security only goes so far. The modern-day telco’s SIM cards usually have unrestricted access to your data, call logs and internet history.


All of your life laid bare to another large unethical organisation, just like the one that gave you your “feature-rich” phone. If you see a pattern, you are not the only one. The deck is stacked against the average consumer.  It is unfair, and we think it’s time to even the odds.



Try our encrypted, anonymous sim cards with KeepGo technology that encrypts your calls and messages to rigorous standards, bypassing the need for submitting personal details entirely.


These sims work only using data and can be used worldwide, and recharges and changes all happen through our secure online portal. All with no-one knowing what is happening and without the restraints of a contract.


For the ‘YouTuber’ to the travelling salesman, our sim cards provide international coverage at lowcost and roaming options with consistent encryption for your calls and messages wherever you may be.


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Key features

Total anonymity

Purchase, recharge and control your sim anonymously through our online portal.

No contract, online control

Recharge at your will without the constrains of a contract, all online


Perfect for the businessperson travelling internationally, offering low-cost roaming rates on data-based communication – including encrypted calls and messages.


Peace of mind – knowing your data is out of reach from Telcos

Flexibility – use all over the world

Data plan savings – monthly and based on individual usage

We offer solutions to individuals or businesses that require complete privacy & confidentiality of their personal / corporate data.

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