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We bring you compelling advantages to navigate your digital transformations.


SaltDNA is closed loop, multi-layered encryption solution of the highest grade. Voice and texts that flow through the organisation vary in nature and purpose but for any third party even the slightest leak is worth its weight in gold.


Tutanota automatically encrypts all mail-related data on your device of choice, including body text, subject lines and even contacts. Now, you can freely communicate with friends, family and colleagues.


Nextcloud is an open source platform that’s redefining cloud storage for both individuals and businesses. Its a completely secure and heavily encrypted virtual location with no backdoors for you to back-up all file types

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We bring you powerful advantages to navigate your digital transformation.

Key Features

Security experts can verify the code that protects your emails.

A webmail client, smartphone app and desktop software.

Password unlocks your private key and encrypted information

End-to end and TLS encryption with STARTTLS, PFS, DNSSEC, DANE, DMARC and DKIM to secure your connection to Tutanota.


Lower your business risks,secure your corporate data and protect your clients confidentiality

Next cloud is the next generation open source,self-hosted,enterprise ready-file access and communication platform.Access and sync your files,contacts,calendars and communicate and collaborate across your devices.You decide what happens with your data,where it is and who can access it! Next Cloud puts you back in control.

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