Why Purism


How do you defend yourself against forces you do not understand? Technology has always been the domain of big corporations and their unfathomable way of doing things. Software that reads your notes while you work at the annual company presentation holds your data hostage for a few dollars every year. Hardware that becomes slow just months after you buy it and yet was top-of-the-line wat the time of purchase.


You willingly hand over data to your computer because you know there is no alternative, you have got to survive, and you must function. How does one stop breathing for fear of something in the air? Well, now you do not have to make that compromise. Librem is designed chip-by-chip, line-by-line, to respect your rights to privacy, security, and freedom. Every hardware and software component—and all else – is in line with the belief of respecting rights to privacy, security, and freedom.


Key features

Seventh Generation Intel Processor

Two Cores, Four Threads, 3.50GHz i7-7500U

Seventh Generation Intel Graphics

Optimised for media, without the power drain, using Intel HD Graphics 620

Fast Memory Galore

8GB, up to 32GB, DDR4

Purism Kill Switches

Two hardware kill switches, microphone/camera and wireless/Bluetooth


Physical Kill switches to prevent second-guessing. Just plain getting on with life

Housed in a sleek, anodised aluminium body that is sleek and modern-day chic while being robust. (insert dimensions for Librem 13 & 15 in a link)

Dedicated support and direct communication with the Purism team

Your privacy is protected chip by chip – every hardware chip individually selected with an emphasis on freedom-respecting

We offer solutions to individuals or businesses that require complete privacy & confidentiality of their personal / corporate data.

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