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Encryption, it’s a topic we use often within our blogs, it’s also a topic a lot of people decide not to take seriously, primarily because they struggle to understand how it can affect them personally. This could be caused by several reasons, one they just don’t care and feel they don’t need to be protected, two they struggle to understand what encryption actually is and how it can protect all their personal information and data.

Encryption isn’t just for your home computer, that’s not the only device that can be targetted, Computers, Phones, iPads plus anything else that connects to the online world of the internet can be a target.

What could be so dangerous that requires you to really monitor your devices? most people would say hackers, someone who can locate all your personal information from the comfort of their own home, the worst part is the length on how long that takes is completely determined by their individual skill level. Hackers use a large variety of ways to gain someone’s personal information, backdoor Trojans are one way, which literally takes little to no effort on their part if they have the correct skill level.

Your personal computer may not be the only thing that is at threat though, if you own a business or are employed with a business they should have some sort of encryption and other security measures to reduce the number of threats online, if you don’t I suggest you start.

With all this being said, if you still feel encryption isn’t important or is something you don’t need to worry about, I strongly recommend you have a read of our past blog which will give you more information “Why Government Mandated Backdoors Put Us All At Risk“. When it really comes down to it the internet is probably one of the most dangerous places in the world, countless crimes are committed, anything from hacking to cyber terrorism occurs online.

In fact, online criminals are getting so advanced they’ve been said to of tricked employees into thinking they were the CEO, asking them to give some confidential information, even money wires. It may not even stop there if a hacker is sophisticated enough once they hacked the first employee they may even be able to gain access to the employer systems, gaining access to confidential information, potentially even funds.

With technology constantly advancing on a daily basis and hackers adapting to the changes,  while becoming more advanced, makes it more important now than ever to protect yourself online. It doesn’t matter if you run a business or if you only have a computer at home, you still need to be protected. I suppose the question is how? Securing yourself online seems a lot more complicated than what it actually is, I believe it’s due to the big technical words that are always used.

Use the internet, there are always tutorials online that can show you and teach you how to improve your security with encryption and other software. Online attacks can happen at any point, without the necessary security systems you may not even know it’s happening. Getting the correct security measures isn’t the end of it, you need to make sure you’re aware of any updates that are released and keep up. Beginners could have themselves protected in an hour, don’t allow yourself to become another victim.