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NCryptcellular Partners with Copperhead to release secure mobile devices.

SYDNEY, Mass., Australia & New Zealand – Ncryptcellullar and Copperhead have partnered to bring privacy-focused consumers and Enterprise customers a complete end-to-end secure mobile platform into the Australian & New Zealand Markets. Copperhead is the developer and official licensee for CopperheadOS, a secure source-available operating system built on Android.  CopperheadOS devices receive frequent security updates and are protected from advanced threats by defending against remote service attacks, malware, rooting, physical access attacks and more.  

Ncryptcellular provides class-leading encryption for mobile communication, including Secure SMS, Secure Talk and Email. Ncryptcellular offers further integration options for the Enterprise market including advance Mobile Device Management (MDM) enrollment, private email & file server encryption.

“We are very pleased to be able to integrate CopperheadOS for our latest generation mobile platform.” CTO and co-founder Alex Kesik said. “Our clients require the most secure mobile operating system available. The team at Copperhead are extremely proactive in patching critical security vulnerabilities ahead of the Android Open Source project, and delta patches are available Over the air (OTA) –  the Copperhead team are weeks and months ahead of other manufacturers & regarded as thought leaders in the security community.”

“Our latest generation devices are available for purchasing in storefronts available from our Reseller network on an outright basis for consumers. Previously, privacy-focused individuals had very limited access to Enterprise grade security & advanced privacy measures have been out of reach.”  Chris Mousley – Procurement of Ncryptcellular said.  “In the Enterprise and Government channel we partner with Cyber Security professionals, Privacy experts, IT Managers & Senior Executives to offer integration, intrusion detection, advanced MDM policies, and stress-testing within existing infrastructure” Chris added.

“We look forward to further protecting mobile communications in Australia and New Zealand” says James Donaldson, CEO of Copperhead Limited. “Ncrypt’s distribution reach allows us to put CopperheadOS in the hands of privacy-minded users as well as supporting the enterprise in sensitive industries. Ncryptcellular understands their target market and CopperheadOS has a need to be there.” He continues, “It’s always refreshing to be working with an organization that respects consumer privacy as much as it respects consumer security.”

For further information and/or press / media enquiries:
Chris Mousley of Ncryptcellular on +61 2 8604 4047 James Donaldson of Copperhead

About Copperhead
Formed in 2014, Copperhead is an information security firm comprised of security researchers located in Toronto, Canada that specializes in mobile communications. Copperhead’s flagship product, CopperheadOS, is a secure Android variant that provides top-of-the-line privacy and security features to the mobile space.

About Ncryptcellular
Established in 2015, Ncryptcellular PTY LTD is a privately owned Australian company. Ncryptcellular offers a secure mobile platform which leverages open source technology to offer multi-layered encryption on secure mobile handsets for Enterprise, Government and privacy-focussed individuals.