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The Ncrypt Cellular & iMend Phones Partnership

NCrypt Cellular, Australia’s only secure phone repair service and Queensland-based mobile device specialists iMend Phones have inked a partnership that makes encrypted phone repair accessible, nationwide.

With increased awareness of data mining and breaches, as well as scrutiny on social media and marketing platform behaviours that potentially compromise privacy, the demand for secure systems and devices has grown exponentially. And while vendors are falling over each other to either address or minimise concerns around commercial and personal data security, the question remains – who can be trusted with the repair and maintenance of your secure device?

Seeing is believing

The answer seems to be – no one. Not these days. But as the old saying goes, seeing is believing and the Ncrypt Cellular/iMend Phones partnership also means that customers can keep an eye on the treatment and repair of their devices. Every stage of handling and repair by the qualified technicians at iMend Phones‘s Sunshine Coast facility is filmed. So repaired or serviced devices are being delivered back to clients with footage backing up the group’s promise of integrity and security of information.

We understand that mobile devices can be the windows to both someone’s private life or the repository of commercially sensitive information, critical to the success of a business”, explains Ncrypt Cellular’s CTO Alex Kesik. “For these reasons alone, the Australian public should expect expertise in the repair and maintenance of secure devices coupled with genuine peace of mind that only integrity and experience can deliver.”

Both Alex Kesik and Josh Ryan, CEO of iMend Phones believe strongly in the sanctity of privacy and the right to choose who has access to one’s own information or the data for which they may be responsible. Josh says, “at the end of the day we both feel strongly about making a stand and saying ‘no’ to those that feel they have right to data just because they’ve found a way to access it. If this partnership can help protect people, give them some measure of comfort and turn back the tide of unscrupulous operators, then we’re on our way to achieving our mission.”