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We offer your company the security and peace of mind that your corporate Information is safe and secure with an unprecedented level of protection against digital threats in this age of information and communications.

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If data security is a concern and intellectual property theft a high priority then Ncryptcellular can help with your corporate smartphone security.
  • Corporate Leasing options
  • Remote Conversation Burn
  • Encrypted Conference Calls
  • Priority Australian Based Support
  • Advanced Mobile Device Management
  • Hosted Virtual Instances
  • On-Premise Installation
  • Closed Loop communications
  • Corporate Email & File Server Hosting
  • Email Migration

The Highest-Grade Encryption with the Tightest Controls

For complete privacy and control without sacrificing compliance requirements.
SaltDNA delivers private mobile communications solutions to help enterprises secure and control employee communications. Using the web-based SaltDNA Communications Manager, you control the flow of communication. You remotely-enroll and provision devices, assign access levels and manage circles of trusted users. With detailed reporting you can monitor behavior to ensure that employees are appropriately using private communications. Importantly you own and control the call metadata. If required, communications can be completely off-the-record; the system retains neither call nor messaging metadata.
  • Built using an open-source encryption architecture - SaltDNA ensures enterprises always have the latest, highest-grade encryption available.
  • Easy and flexible to deploy - SaltDNA is available as a cloud-based service or an on-premise private installation.
  • Simple and quick to add and change users - SaltDNA easily allows you to manage users and calling circles within minutes.
  • Enterprise-focused with granular control - with centralized control, you can identify and address insecure calling patterns.
  • Secure mobile collaboration - SaltDNA is the only solution that can provide both secure conference calling and secure group chat.
  • Available for iOS and Android devices
The highest-grade, rock-solid encryption
While encryption alone is not enough, it is still of paramount importance in an enterprise-grade secure mobile communications platform. SaltDNA uses an encryption mixture using multiple encryption algorithms in three tiers for maximum security. First SaltDNA creates a Virtual Private Network(VPN) tunnel using IPSEC. Second, at the transport layer, SaltDNA follows the current best practice and uses Transport Layer Security(TLS) version 1.2.

As for keys, SaltDNA currently uses 2048-bit RSA, which provides the highest level of security balancing the computational requirements and power consumption on based mobile devices.
Further key exchanges are temporary based on Diffie-Hellman and use per-session, temporary keys during that initial TLS 1.2 handshake. This simply means that each communicating party verifies each other's identity before the temporary key disappears. Diffie-Hellman also guarantees perfect forward secrecy where encrypted communications recorded in the past cannot be retrieved and decrypted should long-term secret keys or passwords be compromised in the future. In total, the combination of tls 1.2 Together with 2048-bit keys provides for maximum protection against the most skilled attackers suitable to protect the most sensitive data and applications.

The third and innermost layer of encryption protection is based on the traffic type itself. For voice and voice over internet Protocol(VoIP) traffic, SaltDNA calls are secured through the cocktail of secure Remote Transport Protocol(STRP) with keys negotiation using Zimmerman Real-time Transport Protocol(ZRTP)
State-of-the-art Encrypted Mobile Communications
  • End-to-end mobile voice and text encryption
  • 256 bit AES encryption of application data
  • Secure mobile conference calling and imager transfer
  • Multiple encryption levels for maximum security.
  • Encryption at the transport layer using TLS v1.2 and 2048-bit RSA.
  • Peer-to-peer messaging with off the record ephemeral key exchange.
  • Bi-directional message burn.
  • Each text securely transmitted using its own 256-bit AES cipher key.
  • Voice calls secured with multi-layered, ephemeral keys over DTLS
Providing a Secure Communications Solution for Enterprises with the Freedom to Communicate on any Network. A completely secure communications solution that allows an enterprise to communicate privately across any network, anywhere in the world. Comprising of the SaltDNA Communication Manager and the SaltIM Secure Communicator mobile app, enterprises are empowered with global control of their workforce communications. The SaltDNA Communication Manager is a web based portal, allowing administrators to provision end-user devices and assign users to granular circles of trust. The SaltIM mobile app is a simple-to-use, client-side download. Available as a hosted service or as an on-premise installation within private infrastructure. Enterprises have the flexibility to deploy SaltDNA as it best fits their needs or as compliance dictates.
Encryption standards are always evolving.
That is why this solution has a unique multi-tier architecture designed to always use the most up-to-date encryption.
Unlike some solutions, SaltDNA is a proprietary framework that is easily and quickly updated based on evolving state-of-the-art open source encryption developments.
Since it is agnostic to encryption, SaltDNA will never be limited by an encryption Legacy.
Why Open source Encryption?
No one should ever trust proprietary encryption algorithms. Open source encryption algorithms are open to review and auditing from security experts around the world. Such openness has two advantages, First, you can be confident that only secure algorithms can stand the test of time while being poured over by thousands of cryptanalysts. Second, if bugs are found they'll move quickly to fix them. In Sum, a good algorithm is public and open, where the only secrete is the private key or the password. SaltDNA Enterprise is the best weapon enterprises have to protect trade secrets and other sensitive, strategic and proprietary information. Eliminating your enterprise's mobile communications risk has never been easier, faster or more effective. SaltDNA's rock-solid encryption framework together with its focus on mobile usability, deployment flexibility, and comprehensive control functions make it effortless to strengthen and reinforce your company's security posture.
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