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Graphene OS is open-source privacy and security-focused mobile OS with Android app compatibility, free of Google services and proprietary code.


The OS has been hardened to mitigate against advanced hacking threats and exploits. Graphene OS respects your privacy as well as being the most secure hardened mobile OS on the market and will never contain a backdoor or be subject to malware campaigns or phishing expeditions (targeted or otherwise).


Privacy is not just something we are entitled to; in all cases, it must be a prerequisite.

Introducing Graphene OS – farewell to the paranoid android

Graphene OS is a bulletproof solution to the everyday privacy problem that we face every day, i.e. unfettered access to our data and apps by way of other apps and backdoors. The OS has been hardened to mitigate against advanced hacking threats and exploits.


Graphene was built for pixel phones and enjoys tailor-made, specific updates. The OS is backed by experienced independent developers who have a nuanced, almost pedantic, approach to security.


Unlike the traditional one-size-fits-all approach to conventional software, the inner workings of which only corporations know, your phone working is laid bare to you in an easy to understand manner without unnecessarily sophisticated methodologies.


You’re the one in control from power on to power off.

Key Features


Graphene OS is custom-built for specific security properties on specific phones, which means your device is receiving tailor-made security and privacy without the compromise that comes with a one-size-fits-all approach.

Open source

The creator of Graphene OS is fostering a community of independent developers, which will allow further exploration and portability to other devices.


Peace of mind – security-first and an alternative to the insecurity of mass-produced operating systems.

Transparent inner workings, so you know and understand your phone’s security and privacy architecture.

We offer solutions to individuals or businesses that require complete privacy & confidentiality of their personal / corporate data.

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