A big year and here’s to the next one

It’s no secret that we here at NCrypt Cellular are passionate about the sovereignty and sanctity of your right to privacy – for the sake of you personally and any and all business interests you may have. That’s one of our primary drivers, as we hate to see people taken advantage of for the sake of large local, regional and global entities that act with impunity when it comes from profiting from people’s data – without their consent or even knowledge.

In our ongoing quest to plant, nurture and grow knowledge around data protection and your associated rights, we’ve grown our business in a number of ways. During 2018 we:

  • Launched a new webshop making it easier for you secure purchases that extend to encrypted devices, VPN services, data blockers and much more;
  • Released new products – this is a ‘situation normal” for us as we are always investigating developing and trialing new technology to ensure online safety and data security; and of course
  • Published our first issue of Secure News. This is our way of keeping our customers, followers and interested parties appraised of what we see going on in the market, and the world for the matter, as it pertains to data and information protection issues. As always, we encourage you to chime in with comments, suggestions and news.

And we’re not stopping there in 2019. We’ll be:

  • Revamping our website to make it even easier for you to get what you want in the way of information, products and practical advice
  • Introducing new technology to help keep up with, if not stay ahead of those that would profit from your unprotected data (Talk to us about securing stakeholder data and your reputation)
  • Staying at the forefront of information exchange to ensure that you remain in the know when it comes to data protection

We’d also like to extend Season’s greetings to one and all and wish everyone a safe and prosperous 2019.