Dollars for data

Why you’ll be paying the price unless…

Let’s start here. Is GAFAM gaming the system? Will everything we do, see, purchase, interact with and enjoy be somehow connected and/or under the watchful eye of Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon and Microsoft? Is it already happening? Has it already happened?

Well in this part of the world, there are those that already have a resounding “yes” at the ready and are dead against the encroachment of GAFAM onto almost every function of modern life. Some will say, “it’s fine, it’s the way of the world and besides, it’s great having everything I need at my fingertips, all the time.” Here at Ncrypt Cellular, we have no problem whatsoever with tech advancements making life easier - bring it on. Where we become uncomfortable is when we see the impunity with which some of these larger organisations will harvest data without making their intentions plain or even decipherable. We’ re talking uses and methodologies.

With a recent market evaluation of around the $4.1 trillion mark, it should come as no suprise that the 5-headed tech monster has many fingers in many pies. Again, fine with that, every company has a right to a chance at growth through diversification. However, if that growth, that opportunity and more importantly that advantage, comes courtesy of clandestine data harvesting for profit without knowledge and consent, well, people are not going to like that and fair enough too. We’ve witnessed the backlash when it does go wrong for one of the big 5, remember billions of facebook’s dollars were lost in a single day of bloodletting on the trading floor.

Some say that this all happened as a result of facebook’s misdeeds - allegedly mishandling data (potentially your data too) in breath-taking proportions. Well, they are a large company and everything they do is big. I guess what we’re saying, and you know this already, that there’s a lot of money in knowing what people want and then being able to give it to them. From voice-activated devices to houses that seemingly listen for your commands and advise occupants what they need based on what they like, it is indeed a brave new world. But we think it can also be a less unscrupulous one as well.

Until respect for privacy is reflected in the actions of large corporations, it’s left to individuals to protect what’s important to them in terms of their private information.

If you enjoy all the conveniences GAFAM brings to your life but feel like it’s better to be safe than sorry as far your data is concerned, get in contact with us and let’s chat about how your private information can be better protected.