Don’t pass on passwords

Did you see what we did there. Yes, we do like a bit of wordplay from time to time, it’s fun but one thing we would never joke about is passwords and their importance. You would be surprised at how many people willfully refuse to use passwords on their phone, let alone strong ones, or better still bio metric security.

Look,we’re all human, obviously, otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this, so we’re equally susceptible to brain-snaps. The truth is that one day, we might just misplace our phone, leave it on the bus,in the café, a meeting room, the possibilities are endless. That’s when you’ll be glad that the data you access on that device including bank account passwords, sensitive emails and the like,enjoy an extra level of protection.

When you can’t remember where you parked your car at the huge generic looking carpark at the shopping complex/the airport/city, you don’t panic too much. Yes, you might be a little late to the next thing on your agenda but you’ll still have your car because the keys are in your pocket and the car is locked. On top of that, you probably took your valuables with you as recommended by the signage.

Why? Why, why why would you not apply a similar level of common sense to the device that holds your valuable personal data? Why?

Use a password and give us a call on 1800 NCRYPT 02 8604 4047 or get in contact with us via our website if your personal information and it’s security is important to you.

PS Don’t reveal your password to other people, but you knew that right?