Hackers and data miners are professionals

Hackers and data miners are professionals!

It’s not personal, it’s just business.” How often have you heard that? Hopefully you’ve only heard those words uttered by trained film and television actors on gangster shows or movies before they get to dispatching a “snitch” or an enemy. Well believe it or not, that’s how many nefarious characters – hackers, data-miners, large companies – feel about you, your mobile device and your data.

Do they worry about how a spillage of commercially sensitive data from your work phone will affect your promotion and hence the bonus that should see you sunning yourself in Fiji this summer? No. What about the fact that all your contacts are receiving annoying spam from various online shopping outlets? Don’t care! And it can get worse. The fact of the matter is that they understand exactly the same thing that your business or organisation understands: that success, sales, marketing strategies etc are all a numbers game.

Your name doesn’t really matter that much unless you’re one of the unfortunates whose data falls into the hands of those trying to steal your identity. Most of the time, they’re not trying to target you specifically. They (whoever they may be in this case) are looking to gather a certain amount of data, email addresses, opinions, habits, trends, pieces of usable information. That’s the valuable stuff. That’s what they can sell or get paid for. That’s where you and your device come in. A means to an inconvenient and even criminal end.

They work as hard as you do

Perhaps you worked towards a TAFE qualification, maybe you got a degree from a university, an apprenticeship, put in months or years at entry level and worked your way up. You put in real effort, honed your skills and, hopefully, now are being rewarded for the tough grind. Guess what. Hackers have been through the same sort of thing.

Harvesting data, infiltrating code, understanding what’s usable and what isn’t worth anyone’s time – or money. These are skills. Real world skills wielded by motivated entities that can make your life very difficult. If their skills and cumulative hours of dedication are brought to bear, you’ll have to pay. You’ll pay with your reputation at work, on the home front with family and friends and of course in your personal realm as your private information is put to bad use by worse people or companies.

This is reality, these are the facts, it’s not idle scare-mongering. Secure your phone, safeguard your data and because these people who don’t care about your privacy see their endeavors as a numbers game, help them come to the conclusion that you’re not an easy mark. They’re not looking for an exciting challenge, an absorbing puzzle to unravel over the next month or so. The vast majority are looking for quick wins, lots of them. Remember, it’s a numbers game.

Protection is a numbers game to us too. Call our number or get in contact with us because we can help keep your data safe.