How to avoid phishing scams

How to avoid phishing scams - think long, think hard, think again

So, you’re still not convinced that secure, encrypted devices are for you? Sure, we get it. You’ve got nothing to hide, your life is an open book, you’re a straight shooter and that’s why people trust you.

Quick question. What would you do and/or how would you feel if for whatever reason, people stopped trusting you? What might that look like, you ask? Well, suddenly your emails and texts go unanswered, people are reluctant to respond to your hilarious or super cute memes and social media updates and you’re starting to get the side-eye at work from the boss… and clients. Suddenly, you start feeling like a someone with a nasty disease. Or is it that your device has a nasty virus?

Obviously, we here at Ncrypt Cellular actively encourage everyone who values their privacy to speak to us with a view to taking advantage of our services. But if you still need time to think about it and you don’t want to become an online pariah:
  1. Always scroll over the email address of entities who have sent an email to your inbox. Oftentimes, you’ll find that despite the totally legit looking email address, a quick scroll reveals a nonsensical, seemingly random and completely unrelated address. E.G. you see note from a but find it’s really from phishingtrip76%$@235lol.gotcha.
  2. If you do happen to open it, DO NOT click on attachments regardless of how appealing it may look. Report it and then, seriously, think hard about what life might be like feeling totally safe.
Think about it!

And then call us…