Is your device a Trojan Horse

What’s lurking in your phone?

Do you remember the story of the Trojan Horse? Basically, warlord Agamemnon needed a way to get inside the seemingly impenetrable, protective walls of the ancient city of Troy. And like so many before him, he couldn’t. Until. Until someone came up with the idea of sending a massive (but hollow) wooden horse, filled with elite fighting forces, as a gift and leaving it outside the gates with a nice note and some chocolates as a peace offering. The dizzy decision makers behind the battlements thought, “this is a great, I like giant but oddly heavy, wooden horses” and had it wheeled inside the great walls.

Let’s pause here for a moment. Take a look at your phone. It’s a fair bet that you’d feel at least a little lost without it. You probably take very good care of it and keep it close. You probably trust it to hold many of your private communications, vital access codes and passwords and possibly even a number of commercially sensitive emails and texts.

Now, for literally thousands of years, generations have been laughing at the good people of Troy for falling for a trick that invited a malevolent force of evildoers into their midst without adequate caution and protection. Now look again at your unencrypted very much-loved phone. Kinda looks like a horse doesn’t it?

Why don’t you use it to get in contact with us?