Password or Prison!

Is this really where legislation is going?

The new encryption laws have the potential to affect multiple stakeholders in numerous ways.

The bill is bad news for tech workers as it opens them up to the possibility of jail time if they fail to comply with any law enforcement or surveillance agency that demand access to encrypted data. And just in case this did not hint enough at totalitarianism, any potential industry whistle-blowers had best be prepared for the prospect of incarceration should their conscience’s get the better of them and the urge to report government misbehaviour proves too strong to resist.

Not surprisingly, what is distasteful for tech company employees is also equally abhorrent for tech companies of all sizes. This new law now requires them to assist the government in building in to their encryption a ‘systemic weakness’ which allows the agents of the surveillance state to access private information with impunity. Any failure to comply, we’re told, will result in a $10million dollar fine.