Perceptions and Misconceptions

3 quick points on a flawed law

The introduction of the Access and Assistance Bill into Australian law is unprecedented for a host of less than desirable reasons. Here are some of the glaring problems parliament failed to consider;

  • Citing a tally of public comments about the legislation before it was passed, only one was in favour of the law, according to the Economist, with a whopping 342 comments filed arguing against the bill.
  • When civil liberties organisations and global transnational tech corporations agree on a public matter of importance it is time to sit up and take notice. One must think long and hard to pinpoint an instance when these two diametrically opposed groups have seen eye to eye. However, on the anti-encryption law issue, they have both been equally forceful in opposing the legislation and amazingly for the same reasons – the right to privacy!
  • In conceiving the new law, the government has issued a writ which is dangerously vague in its content and so ambiguous on how it spells out the manner it is to be justifiably enforced that it is almost certainly doomed to misuse and abuse from a potential host of individuals and organisations.