Privacy is a right

Data protection and online security is not simply an ideal or a vital service provision. Protecting your information and having the right to do so is recognised by the United Nations. So, let’s just quickly answer this question with a simple yes or no – does the new anti-encryption law fly in the face of what advocates of human rights firmly believe? Let’s go to a quote while you have a think:

This new law will dramatically increase the access of intelligence and law enforcement agencies to the private communications of ordinary Australians, with implications for our right to privacy and freedom of expressions.” Edward Santow, Australian Human Rights Commissioner.

There’s always more to a story than just one quote so you read this article to get a fuller perspective.

In short, our view is that privacy underpins human dignity and informs freedom of speech. Entering the New Year, it’s difficult to reconcile that in Australia, the right to online security has been eradicated with the hasty passing of the Assistance and Access Bill this past December 6th.

We’d all like to think that we, as a country, are better than that.