Repairing trust in the phone repair industry

There are many phones that cost around the $1000 mark or of course, customers can take advantage of one of the many, many deals available through any number of telcos. But inevitably, at some point, you’ll need to get your phone, serviced or fixed. Perhaps as a result of an accidental drop, the need for a battery replacement or whatever. Now think about the valuable and/or sensitive information that’s actually housed in your phone or easily accessible through it.

A quick question, does the thought of handing your phone over to the strangers at the shopping centre kiosk for a couple of hours… or days get you breaking out into a sweat? Yes? No? Maybe? Probably?

Whatever your answer, you’ll pleased to know that we offer complete peace of mind, transparency and openness when it comes to the service, upgrade, encryption or repair of your phone. Your comfort with our service is so important to us that we offer customers access to video files of your phone’s entire service. That’s right, you get to see how we handle your phone and your data.

Here’s this month’s tip: in a world where people are accessing and misusing personal info all the time, take a closer look at how your phone is handled by qualified expert repairers. Give us a call on 1800 NCRYPT 02 8604 4047 or get in contact with us via our website.