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Do what you can to secure your data

The first rule of the online universe is that there are no rules. None. No rules for safeguarding your data, no rules for online security, no rules around the sanctity of people’s personal information. Okay there are. Lots of them. But they are difficult to enforce, it’s a tough ask to catch all those doing the wrong thing, even harder still to prosecute and impossible (yes, impossible!) to shut them all down. So where does that leave us?

Well, I guess we could all give up. Sounds defeatist but ultimately sound from the point of view that we simply can’t guarantee both online safety and the ethical behaviours of nefarious data harvesters both known and unknown. FACT.

But no, that doesn’t mean that we should all give up and that those selling software and hardware protection for people and their devices should shut up shop. Far from it. Without some measures of protection, no matter how ineffectual they can sometimes be, the anarchy and lawlessness that seethes just below the surface of the known online world may well overwhelm us. No, we need companies to continue their efforts to keep our data safe. This will always dissuade malicious entities from plucking the low hanging fruit of completely unprotected devices and platforms. They’ll move on to the next easy target. Think of them as low-level car thieves cruising around shopping centre carparks, looking for an average sedan with a window left open and no car alarm.

But let’s say you’ve got a classic car or one of today’s modern miracles in supercar production – different story. You would ensure that it was kept safe, possibly a private garage with encoded access, the whole bit. Now for a simple question – how much more valuable is your personal and/or business data? If you lost it all tomorrow including peace of mind and the trust of those upon whom you depend – versus say the loss of your fully-insured sedan, ho would you feel?

It’s crazy that people are smart about securing and insuring their cars, entertainment systems etc, things that can oftentimes be replaced and yet shrug when told that they are vulnerable to data-miners.

Our view. Protect what’s yours regardless. Fight back against ingrained apathy and demand the best protection and security for what’s yours. It’s important!

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