When the data horse has bolted

Who shuts the gate and how to recover?

A quick online search of terms like “online data protection” quickly return stories featuring “data and privacy laws”, some of which focus on the Notifiable Data Breaches (ONDB) scheme. This scheme “establishes requirements for entities in responding to data breaches. Entities have data breach notification obligations when a data breach is likely to result in serious harm to any individuals whose personal information is involved in the breach.” Certainly, schemes such as these may help lessen the damage caused after the fact and certainly raise awareness.

But let’s face it.

Breaches, hacking and the darker sides of data mining have caused (and will continue to cause):

  • Untold damage to reputations both commercial and private
  • Inconvenience and lost time for both corporations and individuals
  • Public perceptions and, depending on who you listen to, perhaps even at least one election result… maybe
  • Money. Let’s not forget that hackers and data miners aren’t necessarily looking for shopper preferences and marketing wins as they forage through your phone data
Rather than breathing a naïve sigh of relief as parts and clauses are added to aging privacy acts, why not recognise that any entity (private or commercial) that stores personal information, is at risk of being targeted.

Make sure the horses are safe and then shut the gate. We can help and the good news for you is that you can get in contact with us right away and we’ll get started.