Sovereign OS

Perfect for individuals or businesses that require complete privacy & confidentiality of their personal / corporate data.

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Open source | Google free | Privacy focused

A good butler has seen everything in the household, from tantrums to celebrations but holds his tongue. It was considered a mark of great sophistication for a butler to absorb every nuance of their masters and speak only when it would help the situation. You have something similar in your pocket, except it never stops blabbing. That device you carry will readily tell any persistent parties what you were doing on this exact day five years ago. Modern phones are not Alfred to anyone’s Batman.

Luckily, the beauty of open-source software is that it allows you to set limits on what apps and corporations have access to and what they don’t.

Sovereign OS is a re-engineering of the existing android system with privacy as a core concept. The ability to use all the popular Google products such as Pay, Maps and Mail without the drawbacks of your data being harvested.

Running off the latest and greatest Pixel hardware and based on the AOSP ( Android open source project) the OS is light as a feather as is with stock android but with a stronger core secure framework that keeps your data from being fed to corporations that would use it for their own ends.

MicroG integration means extended application support, privacy-caring users can reduce or monitor data that is sent to Google and especially older phones can expect some battery life improvements. MicroG is not only used on real devices but also replaces Google tools in test emulators and is used in virtual mobile infrastructure.

Continually updating and evolving software means that even if you need apps off the Play store, our two Alternatives F-Droid, Yalp and Aurora store maintains that shroud of privacy. You do not place a footstep wrong.

The OS comes bundled with a completely secure and fully capable secure browser that lets you browse the internet without missing out on the abilities and functionalities of more mainstream browsers.

Key Features

MicroG integration

Keep using Google software such as Pay, Maps, Messaging and Cloud, but restrict access from the corporation itself.

Continuous improvement

Frequent upgrades and vulnerability patches with privacy as a core concept.

Data shield

Negate the possibility of data mining and open access to your information – you own everything.

100% Open Source

Free of proprietary code which brings in diverse perspectives beyond those of a single company.


  • The best of both worlds - use top-of-the-range hardware securely and safely
  • Peace of mind - no data footprint
  • Functionality - easy-to-download and even easier-to-use