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New solutions to even newer problems dealing with privacy are emerging every day. No matter how many practices or software solutions an individual or corporation adopts, the premise of data safety is blatantly simple: no unauthorised access.

Encryption is a wholesome and simple solution to information security. Data travelling in a secure impenetrable tunnel that only the receiver and sender have access to either end.

NCrypt looks at how data travels in the modern-day world and provide adequate shielding to mitigate any data leakage. Just convey your position (however unique it may seem) and we will promptly, but thoughtfully direct you to the best in class solution.

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Digital technology – ‘a case for encryption’

The times that we live in are full of abbreviations and acronyms for mod-cons. Things change and evolve; needs you never thought you had, have been met. However, one crucial aspect of moving into the technologically prosperous future somehow remains left in the garden shed — your privacy.

Ncrypt will ensure that when it comes to privacy and security, the absolute control and choice remains with you and you alone.

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Encryption for everybody

Your data is yours and yours alone and in order to keep it that way, Ncrypt has built, sourced and assembled only the most state-of-the-art digital encryption technologies.

The humble computer is now an extension of any person’s brain, from the written word put together in a stroke of inspiration to photos taken in a fleeting moment. They are private and for your perusal. Our products make sure your life’s repository does not succumb to the tactics of corporations and governments.

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For the people hustling in the backroom to the ones in international boardrooms, every bit of info count, and every action has a ripple effect. Our devices let you make your moves in peace, letting your decision making be the only variable you need to worry about.

Recommended Products:

Information flows in abundance and varying directions in a large organisation. Checks and balances for information security only go so far. Our devices make it so that anyone prying into your organisation’s data structure would have better luck drinking the ocean with a straw.

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Let's hear what our happy clients have to say about our service

  • Ncrypt has provided significant support and expertise to my projects in assessing and determining the right secure communications, OpSec tools for frontline journalists operating in repressive environments, where data leakages often lead to the arrest and deaths of both sources and journalists.

    Nick Chesterfield (Coordinating Editor WestPapuaMedia)
  • I entrusted Ncrypt with my phone because, among other things, they employ a security-hardened version of Android and retain the purity of the 'Nix philosophy of simplicity and less is more.

    Michael Quentin Angelo Sidors
  • I have know the NCrypt team for almost 3 years now and they are absolute champions, the guys from NCrypt are always available, keeping me informed on what's new in the world of privacy and sharing information that isn't public.

    Andrew Constantine (CIO Cyber Security)

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Aug 12, 2020

The answer is almost certainly yes, but you can do something about it. In 1974, Francis Ford Coppola’s surveillance thriller The Conversation saw Harry Caul (Gene Hackman) utilise towers of oversized electronics to listen in on and record people’s private moments. Today, we willingly slip equally powerful surveillance technology into our pockets – in the form of mobile phones. And whether we like it or not, that technology is constantly ingesting and harvesting everything we say while in its ...

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The global pandemic is at the forefront of everyone’s mind, leaving the powers-that-be to do what they like in the backgroundCOVID-19 has us shaking in our boots. It’s been a long time since we’ve encountered such an all-encompassing medical emergency and it’s had a profound effect on not only the way we live, but the way we think about life itself. We’re not yet out of the woods but surely there’s a light at the end of the tunnel, even if it isn’t as large or as nearby as we’d like. 

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Jul 09, 2020

The role humans play in data breaches and what can be done about itWhether you’re a 14 year old kid that left their diary under their pillow instead of under lock and key or you’re an adult that actually wrote down their password and now can’t recall where you left that slip of paper, simple data breaches are all around us. And it’s all filed under human error. In this case, you are the human.

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If you haven’t surrendered your personal data, do you even TikTok?If you’re over the age of 40, hearing the words tick and tock would almost certainly refer to the sound of a working clock or wristwatch. Now, that same pair of words, minus a pair of C’s, refer to a social media revolution. TikTok is a mobile application that enables people to share short clips of themselves, usually to get laughs or display talent.  

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Dutton’s at it again…and this time it’s personal (to you, not to him)As a job title that involves the overseeing of our privacy and security, Home Affairs Minister should be retitled as Surveillance Assurance Minister, at least under the reign of Dutton and his conga-line of data enthusiasts.